The 3 Best Summer Jobs For College Students

Summer is a great time for college students to wind down after a long school year of studying and writing papers. You can spend time with friends, hit up the beaches and go on vacations. The time off is also important for students to make some extra cash before they head back to school in August. The following are three awesome summer jobs that college students should consider to make their summer vacations not only enjoyable, but productive as well.

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Develop Working Skills

Office Internship

Taking an internship (in any industry) is great for two reasons. One, you can develop an entire skillset that you would not have obtained otherwise.  Two, you may be able to get your foot in the door with a potential employer after your graduate. Even if the internship doesn’t lead to full-time employment down the road, the work experience will still look great on your resume. While interning you should look to build solid relationships with your employers and colleagues, as they will be great additions to your professional network. This can be very beneficial for you in the future. From my perspective, I recommend completing an internship for at least one summer while you are in college. It can give you a leg up against your competition when your start applying for jobs post-graduation.


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Bartending over the summer is one of the more common choices among college students. You have the possibility of making some good money, but you will definitely be working some late nights. If you enjoy the nightlife, this may be a good place to start. There are a few positives about working as a bartender that will help when you’re looking for your full-time job. Most importantly, you will get to learn how to work in high-pressure situations, which is a highly transferable skill. Bars sometimes get extremely hectic and you will learn that you must stay calm during these moments. Second, you will be interacting with people constantly, and you never know who you will meet.  I recommend you always be kind and outgoing because there is a chance you may be meeting your future employer.

Camp Counselor

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Camp Counselor

If you are looking to stay active during the summer, then working as a camp counselor might be a great fit for you. It is also great to put on your resume because you will be developing some great working skills along the way.  This job is definitely one that can stand out on a resume when you are applying to jobs.

Getting a job will not only put cash in your pocket but it will also give your parents a break from always giving you money for food, clothes or whatever your heart desires.

Budgeting Apps for Millennials

Technology continues to improve the way we do things in society. This is especially true with millennials as they are using technology to help stretch their dollars. Nowadays, smartphones and money management apps are simplifying ways for young adults to save money. Here are the top three apps you need to download ASAP!


This unique app continues to be a hot commodity in the app world. It is a person-to-person mobile payment app that can be extremely useful for millennials. The best part about this app is that it is free to download and use! Venmo makes it incredibly easy to exchange money between friends and family. It can be useful for splitting dinner bills, paying back rent money, food shopping, and more. Venmo is also very easy to get the hang of – all you have to do type your friend’s name in the search menu and enter the amount you want to pay or the amount of money you want to request if someone owes you.


This is app gives you an excellent visual of your expenditures. You have the opportunity to check out what you have spent money on over a course of a month, day, or week. Another thing to point out about this unique app is that you are even able to scan all your receipts and will it give you all the details of the purchase! This is a great time saver as you do not have to worry about losing paper receipts or have to worry about going to through the hassle of typing every detail of what you are spending.


Mint allows you to keep track of all of your finances regardless of which bank you use, and craft personalized budgets based on your income. It also gives you an in depth look at credit cards, student loans, and more. You are able keep to track of how much you spend on certain items last month, and decide how much you are able to spend on other necessities. This amazing app is easy to use and it is free!


Smart Money Moves for College Students

As a junior in college, I have realized it is a good idea to start making good financial decisions that can better myself in the future. After doing some research on my own, I have listed some ideas that I have learned that can definitely be beneficial for you now and long term.

Build a Credit History

It is extremely important to build a strong credit report and credit score. As a college student, I have realized how valuable financially it is to get started as early as possible. It is difficult to get a unsecured credit card because you will have little income and no credit history. However, I applied for a student credit card and a department store retail credit card. These are both great ways to build up your credit report since these cards have low credit limits. The limits will increase overtime as long as you are paying off your balance.

Work for Experience

Two summers ago, I interned at Main Street Renewal, a private company focused on buying, renovating, and leasing homes across the country. The company was located in New York City and it was such an incredible experience that I will never forget the rest of my life. The knowledge I gained from Main Street Renewal was so valuable that it will play large role in my future. I learned that when you are in school do not worry about how much money you make in either your internship, part-time job, or work study program worry about the knowledge and experience you will gain by working there. You have your entire life to work for a paycheck, use the time in college to explore the things you enjoy doing that can help you for your future.

Open an Online Savings Account

You do not earn too much money during your time in college, but it is still key to start saving money early on. The best way that I found that works is openings a savings account. I also learned that having automatic deposits from your checking account go into your savings account is very crucial because you do not have to worry about doing it on your own, it does it for you.

How to Invest in Stocks for beginners

Owning stocks are one of the most profitable ways to grow your wealth long-term. However, if you are new to stocks it can be rather confusing to understand the jargon of it all. Well, for those of you who are beginners in the stock market, you will find some ways to invest in stocks below:


One of the most important ways to understand how to invest in stocks is to get educated on it first. For starters, you can read articles online such as the Wall Street Journal, find books for beginners, or get some information if you know anyone who works on Wall Street. There is a lot that goes into investing in stocks, so do not rush, and make sure you are well equipped with stocks knowledge before you start investing.

Open a Brokerage Account

The next thing you should do is open an online brokerage account. There is a great variety of options, so make sure you do your homework before you decide on which one to pursue. I would read up on some reviews on the company, find out if they are they successful, and even ask friend or family member if they have any advice on good online brokerage companies. Another idea when searching for a brokerage company is finding one that offers paper trading. This is great for beginners because you get a chance to invest in stocks without going into your own pocket. It can be a great stepping stone before getting into the real stock market and investing your money.

Set your Goals

Determining your goals in any profession is an important way to succeed, and that especially goes for investing in stocks. When you invest, you want to decide what are the goals you have in mind for investing.  Once you come up with your goal, make sure that you check in on it frequently. You should be checking on your investments at very least every month to see if there have been any changes.
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China Stock Market

Recently, there has been a lot of talk regarding China’s stock market and economy. China’s economy has been in a steady period of growth for years and now things are changing, which has caused people to be in a uproar. During the first week of trading in 2016, China’s stock market plummeted. It caused many concerns for people around the world. It made people think, what is going on? Is China going into a Recession? One of the reasons for this issue is that China installed market-wide circuit breakers into their stock markets. Circuit breakers are used to put a halt on trading when prices taking a significant drop. Once this occurs the whole training day closes. The circuit breakers have not been beneficial to the Chinese stock market so far in 2016.

Many people are concerned about China going into a recession. It is definitely normal for one to think this because of all that is going on right now. However, the answer is still unknown but the GDP growth rate is still not concerning yet. In 2015, the GDP growth rate was around 7% and it is looking to be 6-7% in 2016. However, some economists feel it will be about 3% in 2016, but this not mean they will be in recession discussion.

There are also  some people who believe that some of the growth figures are lower than what the government is saying, which has led a spark for concern.  Another important issue is that on Tuesday Monthly Industrial Production and Retail sales for China were released and with December numbers in coming worse than most people anticipated.

According to Kenneth Kim, a contributor who writes about markets and economy, believes that the United States does not heavily depend on China’s economy. He believes that the amount of sales that  U.S has in China represent a small size our GDP, which is an interesting assessment.  Only time will tell on the outcome on China’s economic dilemma.

Stock Market 101

What is a stock ?

A stock is a share in the ownership of a company. Once you have a share within a company you then take ownership of the company’s assets and earnings. The more stock you take within a company your equity becomes greater.

Stocks are also a limited liability. This means if the company is not able to pay their debts, you will not be be liable to fix this issue. There are companies that are in charge of this if this issue were to occur and they are known as partnerships. When you own a stock, you lose whatever you invest into it.

What is an IPO?

IPO (Initial Public Offering) –  According to investopedia an IPO is the first sale of stock by a private company to the public. IPOs are often issued by smaller, younger companies seeking the capital to expand, but can also be done by large privately owned companies looking to become publicly traded.

Risk in Stocks

There are risks in investing individual stocks. For all you people who are new to the stock market, NOTHING is guaranteed. Any stock can go bankrupt, so if you buy a share and that company goes bankrupt, then your stock is worth nothing.

Purchasing Stocks:

There are two ways for someone to purchase a stock and first way is to use a Brokerage Firm. For a full-service brokerage firm your pockets may hurt after, but you will be receiving quality advice from professionals to manage your account. For discount brokerage firms, you will not receive as much quality service but it is cheaper. So in the end, it all really comes down to how much you looking to spend.  Another way to purchase stocks are Dividend reinvestment plans and direct investment plans. These plans allow shareholders to purchase stock directly from the company, which for many can be more of an easier option.

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