Smart Money Moves for College Students

As a junior in college, I have realized it is a good idea to start making good financial decisions that can better myself in the future. After doing some research on my own, I have listed some ideas that I have learned that can definitely be beneficial for you now and long term.

Build a Credit History

It is extremely important to build a strong credit report and credit score. As a college student, I have realized how valuable financially it is to get started as early as possible. It is difficult to get a unsecured credit card because you will have little income and no credit history. However, I applied for a student credit card and a department store retail credit card. These are both great ways to build up your credit report since these cards have low credit limits. The limits will increase overtime as long as you are paying off your balance.

Work for Experience

Two summers ago, I interned at Main Street Renewal, a private company focused on buying, renovating, and leasing homes across the country. The company was located in New York City and it was such an incredible experience that I will never forget the rest of my life. The knowledge I gained from Main Street Renewal was so valuable that it will play large role in my future. I learned that when you are in school do not worry about how much money you make in either your internship, part-time job, or work study program worry about the knowledge and experience you will gain by working there. You have your entire life to work for a paycheck, use the time in college to explore the things you enjoy doing that can help you for your future.

Open an Online Savings Account

You do not earn too much money during your time in college, but it is still key to start saving money early on. The best way that I found that works is openings a savings account. I also learned that having automatic deposits from your checking account go into your savings account is very crucial because you do not have to worry about doing it on your own, it does it for you.