Budgeting Apps for Millennials

Technology continues to improve the way we do things in society. This is especially true with millennials as they are using technology to help stretch their dollars. Nowadays, smartphones and money management apps are simplifying ways for young adults to save money. Here are the top three apps you need to download ASAP!


This unique app continues to be a hot commodity in the app world. It is a person-to-person mobile payment app that can be extremely useful for millennials. The best part about this app is that it is free to download and use! Venmo makes it incredibly easy to exchange money between friends and family. It can be useful for splitting dinner bills, paying back rent money, food shopping, and more. Venmo is also very easy to get the hang of – all you have to do type your friend’s name in the search menu and enter the amount you want to pay or the amount of money you want to request if someone owes you.


This is app gives you an excellent visual of your expenditures. You have the opportunity to check out what you have spent money on over a course of a month, day, or week. Another thing to point out about this unique app is that you are even able to scan all your receipts and will it give you all the details of the purchase! This is a great time saver as you do not have to worry about losing paper receipts or have to worry about going to through the hassle of typing every detail of what you are spending.


Mint allows you to keep track of all of your finances regardless of which bank you use, and craft personalized budgets based on your income. It also gives you an in depth look at credit cards, student loans, and more. You are able keep to track of how much you spend on certain items last month, and decide how much you are able to spend on other necessities. This amazing app is easy to use and it is free!